Winning Work from Art Project Unveiled at Morgan Quarter

Karimah Hassan's winning artwork from the Morgan Quarter’s inaugural Art Project has been installed in Tabernacle Lane and will be brightening up the walk through over the next year.

Karimah, 24, an architect who grew up in Cardiff, was inspired by the centenary birth of the famous Welsh author, Roald Dahl, when designing the series;

My drawings are based upon the ‘City of the Unexpected Festival that took place in Cardiff. To commemorate the festival, the drawings are of real events showcasing Cardiff and its citizens in all its fun-loving glory. When you look closely you see children chasing each other, families watching circus performers and friends lying under the trees in Bute Park.

I wanted to draw people in and spark their imagination. With these drawings, the more you look the more you see. Because the exhibition will be showing for a long period I made the drawings very intricate so that every time people pass through Tabernacle Lane they find more clues and hidden messages within the drawings. I wanted the pieces to be playful and represent the honest, fun and kind nature of Cardiff and its people.

We're delighted to have had the art installed and hope it will give a point of interest to our shoppers and visitors! Be sure to tag us in your photos, we'd love to see them.